By Julie Martin Comedy Improv Teacher, Director, Performer

Julie Martin’s supportive teaching style is a deep look into the heart and soul of Improvisational Comedy. Join Julie as she takes you from classroom to stage, while you master the foundation elements of comedy improvisational theater.

Her unique style has developed over 14 years of teaching experience. Julie guides you into a focused connection with the nuances of you and your characters. Julie asks you to relate to the power of your unique expression.  Immerse yourself the craft of improv, as Julie encourages you to trust your creative center and train your skills towards the inventive improvisational conversation.
You are encouraged to take part in improv winning moves like focus and present listening. Julie teaches you to tap into your imagination, and she encourages your daring to discover your talents. Meet your inspired and funny nature, bring out your confidence so you find your improvisational flow.  If you would like to up your game,  or if you are a beginner looking to start,  Julie supports your developing talent.

Games are used to simplify the learning process, to enable you to build flow on stage while training you to think outside the box! Experience a supportive class environment, where you have the freedom to develop confidence, savvy, spontaneity, and humor.  Julie’s coaching and class sessions are held throughout the year in Manhattan/ Redondo/ Hermosa Beach. She has directed, produced and performed in shows throughout Southern California for the last 15 years.

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Comedy Improv Class For Adults offered on Zoom

Wednesday Nights, 7-9:00 p.m. / Classes are ongoing. Summer Quarantene Special! Usually $40, now $ 30 -$35.00.

Comedy Improv Class For Children offered on Zoom

Tuesday Afternoon 4:00 – 4:45 PM

Available Instruction

Mixed Level Class

Targeted Skills Class

Boot Camp Improv Class

Performance Class

Business Improv

Private Improv Performance or Business Coaching

Children’s Improv

Wednesday nights, ongoing, ZOOM

Improv Targeted Skills Class, ZOOM

Saturdays, Small group classes, ZOOM

Prepare for the stage, deliver consistently with presence, ZOOM

By Appointment, on ZOOM


Tuesdays 4 PM On ZOOM

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Improv PERFORMANCE CLASS, Mixed Level  Players

Improv performance fundamentals in easy to understand terms! Accelerate your skills,  trust yourself and your reactions, make big choices and play confident.  Prepare to take your skills to the stage. Learn to create performance level scenes consistently in preparation for shows.  Instructor Permission Only Class, improvisational Actors Welcome. 




Boot Camp Improv classes are outrageously fun AND you learn! A small group environment, doing scene after scene is an amazing workout to gain a more profound understanding of improv. Boot camps are informative, a hold on to your hat ride into the world of communication, comedy, acting, team building, spontaneity and ensemble stage work. Up your creative juice- guaranteed! Jump into drills, games, and exercises designed to expand your command of improv! Take part in the surprising and out of the box thinking that is comedy improvisational acting.



  • Take your professional communications skills to the next level.
  • Build confidence, speaking skills, leadership skills and effectively ask for the money you deserve.
  • Ask for the sale or recruit people to your cause.
  • Be more persuasive, have more presence and make more of an impact in your career of choice. Programs, classes available evenings and Saturdays.
    Coaching class times are available.
  • Julie travels on-site to coach/teach your group, employees, or workshop participants.


  • A variety of private coaching options are available for comedy improv performers.
  •  Coaching programs and consultations are available for professionals who are interested in speaking. leading, or performing in any way.
  • Take your skills to the next level!

Julie Martin, Comedy Improvisation Acting Instructor and Confidence Coach, 25 years experience coaching and teaching adults. 

Improv Class/ Show Moments