By Julie Martin Comedy Improv Teacher, Director, Performer

Julie Martin’s supportive teaching style enables you to grow and develop your improv skill and understand the fundamentals of improvisational theater.  She views spontaneity as a  characteristic best experienced over and over and nurtured into second nature.  Games are used to simplify the learning process, to enable you to build flow on stage while training yourself to think outside the box! Skyrocket your moves and confidence! Classes and coaching sessions are held throughout the year in Manhattan/ Redondo/ Hermosa Beach.


Comedy Improv Class


ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS WELCOME! In this class, you will be asked to build off your partners ideas, and explore creating characters and points of view.

  •  Learn to play the scene you never expected.
  • Make powerful first choices and then catch up with yourself
  • Stretch yourself and increase your consistency 
  • Develop “on your feet” confidence.
  • Sharpen core performing skills, boost communication, and up your game! 

Class Times:  6:45 to 9:30 p.m.
Monday night session is  4 weeks, Starting April 23, 2018, South Bay Adult School   

Ongoing Comedy Improv Class Sessions
Cost: / Drop In Cost $35.00 per class when space permits
Location: Redondo Beach or Hermosa Beach, Ca, TBA

Improvisation will upgrade your public speaking, acting, teaching, and leadership.  Stop the “tongue-tied” or “I wish I would have said it” moments.  Actors, educators, and business professionals are invited to participate in a safe setting, “where “make-it-up” comedy games encourage you to have more stage presence, be fast on your feet and more spontaneous.  Find more agility as you communicate! Play, laugh and have fun as you learn core improv performing skills where there are no wrong answers.

Classes taught by Jump Start Improv director Julie Martin in Manhattan Beach/ Redondo Beach. Contact Julie for details:

Improv PERFORMANCE CLASS, Mixed Level  Players

Improv performance fundamentals. Learn point of view, comedic co-creating, and straight -absurd play.

Accelerate your skills,  trust yourself and your reactions, make big choices and play confident.  Prepare to take your skills to the stage.

 Instructor Permission Only Class, improvisational Actors Welcome. 

Tuesday Night: 7- 9:30 p.m.


Bootcamp Improv classes are outrageously fun AND you learn!  Easily addicting, they provide a break from everyday life and teach skills current in our fast-paced communications world. They are informative, a hold on to your hat ride into the world of communication, comedy, acting, team building, spontaneity and ensemble stage work.

DPP_146Learn core performing skills, listening, and up your creative juice- guaranteed! Take a spin into the world away from your computer screen and jump into the arena of communication, scene building, and out of the box thinking that is comedy improvisational acting.

Bootcamp Classes: Available Wednesday Nights, Saturdays. 


  • Take your professional communications skills to the next level.
  • Build confidence, speaking skills, leadership skills and effectively ask for the money you deserve.
  • Ask for the sale or recruit people to your cause.
  • Be more persuasive, have more presence and make more of an impact in your career of choice. Programs, classes available Monday, Thursday evening.
    Coaching class times available, or on-site scheduled for your group.


  • A variety of private coaching options are available for comedy improv performers.
  •  Coaching programs and consultations are available for professionals who are interested in speaking. leading, or performing in any way.

Take your skills to the next level! Available around your schedule, contact Julie for times.