By Julie Martin Comedy Improv Teacher, Director, Performer

Julie Martin’s supportive teaching style is a deep look into mastering the foundation elements of improvisational theater.  Julie’s 13 years of teaching experience helps you accelerate your improv skill and immerse yourself into the artistry and craft of improv. In a safe space, she encourages you to trust your creative center, while mastering skills to take you to the stage and strengthen your performance persona.

Improv mastery happens within deep and present listening, taking the possibilities offered on stage. Julie teaches you to tap into your creativity and what is hidden within you.  Instead of glimpsing at your potential she encourages your daring to discover your talents. Meet your inspired and creative nature, execute comedic scenes on the spot. She specializes in bringing out your confidence so you find your improvisational flow.  If you would like to up your game,  or if you are a beginner looking to start,  Julie will support your developing talent.

Games are used to simplify the learning process, to enable you to build flow on stage while training you to think outside the box! Mastering improv skills in a safe, supportive class environment allows you the freedom to develop confidence, savvy, spontaneity, and humor.  Julie’s coaching and class sessions are held throughout the year in Manhattan/ Redondo/ Hermosa Beach.

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MIXED LEVELS CLASS- Beginners welcome! In this class, you will build core confidence, vision and experience your talent and skills, create a strong stage persona, and explore creating characters and points of view.

  •  Learn to play the scene you never expected.
  • Make powerful first choices and then catch up with yourself
  • Stretch yourself and increase your consistency 
  • Develop “on your feet” fast trust and confidence.
  • Sharpen core performing skills, boost communication, and up your game! 

1. Wednesday Night IMPROV Class session starts August 7 in Hermosa Beach. Classes are August 7, 21, 28. 7-9:30 p.m. in Hermosa Beach. Cost $90.00

2. Fall Comedy Improv Class Series Starts September 4, 2019. Up your game! Classes are September 4, 11, 18, 25, October 2, 9. Time 7-9:30. Cost is $185.00

3. October Skills Classes, more information soon! Up your game with targeted classes in A. Creating Characters B. Out of Your Head, Into Your Body C. Story & Types of Comedic Scenes D. Using Genre, like Sci- Fi, Film Noir, Soap Opera, and Musical in Comedic Scenes

4. South Bay Adult School Class, Comedy Improvisational Acting in Redondo Beach, October 16, 23, 30, & Nov. 6. Time 6:45-9:15 p.m.

Call Julie for Registration 310-697-3674

Improvisation will upgrade your public speaking, acting, teaching, and leadership.  Stop the “tongue-tied” or “I wish I would have said it” moments.  Actors, educators, and business professionals are invited to participate in a safe setting, “where “make-it-up” comedy games encourage you to have more stage presence, be fast on your feet and more spontaneous.  Find more agility as you communicate! Play, laugh and have fun as you learn core improv performing skills where there are no wrong answers.

Classes taught by Jump Start Improv director and Teacher Julie Martin in Manhattan Beach/ Hermosa Beach/ Redondo Beach. Contact Julie for details:

Improv PERFORMANCE CLASS, Mixed Level  Players

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Improv performance fundamentals. Learn point of view, comedic co-creating, and straight -absurd play.

Accelerate your skills,  trust yourself and your reactions, make big choices and play confident.  Prepare to take your skills to the stage. Learn to create performance level scenes consistently in preparation for shows.

 Instructor Permission Only Class, improvisational Actors Welcome. 


Boot camp Improv classes are outrageously fun AND you learn!  Easily addicting, they provide a break from everyday life and teach skills current in our fast-paced communications world. They are informative, a hold on to your hat ride into the world of communication, comedy, acting, team building, spontaneity and ensemble stage work.


Learn core performing skills, listening, and up your creative juice- guaranteed! Take a spin into the world away from your computer screen and jump into the arena of communication, scene building, and out of the box thinking that is comedy improvisational acting.

Bootcamp Classes: Available see schedule above


  • Take your professional communications skills to the next level.
  • Build confidence, speaking skills, leadership skills and effectively ask for the money you deserve.
  • Ask for the sale or recruit people to your cause.
  • Be more persuasive, have more presence and make more of an impact in your career of choice. Programs, classes available evenings and Saturdays.
    Coaching class times are available.
  • Julie travels on-site to coach/teach your group, employees, or workshop participants.


Julie Martin, Comedy Improvisation Acting Instructor and
Confidence Coach, 15 years experience.
  • A variety of private coaching options are available for comedy improv performers.
  •  Coaching programs and consultations are available for professionals who are interested in speaking. leading, or performing in any way.

Take your skills to the next level! Find out more, contact Julie at 310-697-3674.

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