julie_martin-3880-cropped-for-face-onlyDIRECTOR,  TEACHER,  SEMINAR LEADER

Julie Martin is the director and founder of the Jump Start Comedy Improv Troupe. She brings more than 15 years of improv experience to the stage, her classroom, and coaching sessions.

Julie has taught 100’s of students in her Jump Start Comedy Classes in The Southern California South Bay Area. She holds seminars and workshops teaching the fundamentals of improvisation, creativity, out of the box comedic thinking.  She teaches steps to the mastery of comedic games and scenes for performers. She coaches professionals in public speaking and communication skills.

She encourages performers to develop as an improvisational artist one step at a time, in a super safe environment, gaining confidence and layering skills until ease is second nature. She helps students find their natural funny, spontaneously, in the moment, in a co-creative fashion with other student players. She hosts classes and coaching sessions featuring quantum thinking, the NEXT BIG IDEA in improvisational learning, visualization, mind mapping.  Julie uses a variety of cutting edge progressive exercises designed to develop ease and flow created from her personal expertise and experience.

Julie teaches from the perspective of whole person artistry and mindfulness; including body language,  character point of view, compelling emotional reactions and being in the present moment. Using plot less improv as a starting point, students discover their unlimited potential for creative, fun, outlandish ideas. Julie assists clients, students, professionals and executives to train their brain and neural pathways for focus, concentration, deeper listening and increased discernment in communication.

Julie’s optimistic,  live your destiny inspirational presentation style developed from performing in a decade of improv shows and from over 25 years in front of the room presentations. She would like to thank the students who taught her to be even better, and her teachers who inspired and taught her along the way. Thanks to April Scott, Rich Talarico, Miles Stroth,  Stan Wells and many others. Thanks to the  Westside Comedy Improv Program, where she is a graduate.  You’ll find her mentoring, performing, directing, leading corporate seminars, teaching Jump Start Improv Classes; or laughing and enjoying life as the biggest ‘Yes, And’ comedy stage!

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