julie_martin-3880-cropped-for-face-onlyJulie Martin is the director and founder of the Jump Start Comedy Improv Troupe. She brings over a decade of improv experience to the stage, her classroom, and coaching sessions. She holds seminars and workshops teaching the fundamentals of improvisation, creativity, out of the box comedic thinking, speaking and communication skills, and the steps to mastery of comedic games and scenes for performers.

She encourages performers to develop and train their brain as an improvisational artist one step at a time, gaining confidence and layering skills until ease is second nature. She helps students find their natural funny, spontaneously, in the moment, in a co- creative fashion with other student players. She hosts classes and coaching sessions featuring a serious of progressive exercises designed to develop improvisational thinking- created from her improv laboratory.

Julie originates her teaching style from the perspective of whole person artistry; including body language, authentic emotions, character point of view, strong reactions and being mindfully “present”. Using plotless improv as a starting point, students discover their unlimited potential for creative, fun, outlandish ideas.

She borrows from all her teachers including April Scott, Rich Talarico, Stan Wells, and is a graduate of the Westside Comedy Improv Program. You’ll find her mentoring, performing, directing, leading corporate seminars, teaching Jump Start improv classes; or just laughing and enjoying life as the biggest ‘Yes, And’ comedy scene!


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